Hampshire Street

Selling Your Home

The best possible price is always top of the list for a seller – but that’s not all that counts. Sometimes speed will be very important to you, but not every time. We have had sellers who cannot be rushed, and we are careful not to set these people up with a buyer who’s desperate to move in at teatime yesterday.

In the complex world of property chains, like comedy, timing is everything.

Anyone who’s ever moved house will know it’s an intensely personal experience. One size really doesn’t fit all. It’s crucial to us that we fully understand your needs and build a service around them.

So once we’ve got what makes you tick and what makes you twitch, we’ll set about matchmaking you to the right buyer. Similarly, we’ll know a lot about them too; what position they’re in financially, what timescale they’re working to, how well they fit.

It’s not something much talked about, but we know many sellers are concerned, when relinquishing an old home, about who will move in after them. Sometimes leaving neighbours can be as much of a wrench as leaving a much loved family house – and decisions between competing purchasers have been swayed by this as much as the offer on the table.

If we can see a purchaser is not the right fit for you, we won’t bring them round. Time is precious; we won’t waste yours.